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Nonviolence and the Cross
October’s Featured Presentation

This month, we wrap up our ten-part eSight/podcast series on Jesus’ teachings on self-affirming, nonviolent resistance.  In the spirit of this series, we are featuring the second presentation from our Nonviolence and the Cross audio presentation series—What If Jesus Had Been a Woman? Repeatedly, scholars have shown the damage, the destructive fruit of interpreting Jesus’ nonviolence as self-sacrificial for those who are already vulnerable in both personal and societal relationships of power inequity.  We at RHM believe Jesus’ nonviolence is most life-giving when it’s understood as a means of self-affirmation for those whose self is already being denied through injustice or violation.  It’s our hope that your heart will be renewed and your feet set in motion to follow Jesus more deeply from listening to this month’s featured presentation:

What If Jesus Had Been a Woman? by Herb Montgomery

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02 What If Jesus Had Been A Woman?