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The Lord's Prayer album cover. Person praying.
October’s Featured Presentation

The way in which we pray shapes us into being who we are.  In Matthew, Jesus teaches us to pray a prayer that has the potential to shape us into being people of compassion, passionate for the just distribution of God’s earth for all of God’s children.  It’s a prayer that can inform and empower us in our work of transforming our world into a just and safe home for all. This month we’d like to feature the first presentation in our new series on this prayer, On Earth As It Is In Heaven by Herb Montgomery.  It’s our hope that your heart will be renewed and that you will be inspired to action as we, together, follow Jesus in his work of survival, resistance, liberation, restoration and transformation.

This month’s featured presentation:

On Earth As It Is In Heaven by Herb Montgomery

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On Earth As it is in Heaven