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Nonviolence and the Cross
November’s Featured Presentation

This month, we’d like to feature the first prevention in Herb’s new series Nonviolence and the Cross: Jesus’s Execution from Four Liberation Perspectives.  The title for this first presentation is from James H. Cone’s book by the same title, The Cross and the Lynching Tree.  Before we rush off to cosmic explanations for trying to understand Jesus’s death, we must first allow ourselves to be confronted by the story in the Gospels and Acts of the injustice of Jesus’s execution.  Jesus’s execution places him in the community of those who know what it’s like to be threatened with being put on a tree.  This Jesus, first and foremost, died for standing up to an exploitive status quo.  His life of salvation work was interrupted by his arrest, trial and unjust execution.  The resurrection was the undoing, overturning and reversing all that was accomplished by that execution of Jesus, causing his kingdom vision to live on in hope through the lives of those who choose to follow him.

It’s our hope that your heart and hope will be renewed, and the you, too, will be inspired to take reparative action in our world today as you listen to this month’s featured presentation:

The Cross and the Lynching Tree by Herb Montgomery

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