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March’s Featured Presentation

Finding Jesus
by Herb Montgomery
A decade ago now, a book Herb had written was picked up and published entitled Finding the Father. It chronicled the curious journey of his surprising discovery of the man who is his father.  Using his personal story as a foundation, Finding the Father then went on to straight forwardly challenge many of the common assumptions many Christians make when we refer to “God” or “our heavenly Father.”

Five years after Finding the Father was published, Herb would embark on another journey. This one unexpected and unplanned for. This new journey would lead to deep and transformational discoveries for his own life, an earnest crisis in his own faith, and an experience he now refers to as Finding Jesus.  (This is also the title of his upcoming book that chronicles this new journey, coming out later this year.)

This month, listen to the first prevention of a new series by the same name, Finding Jesus by Herb Montgomery

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