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Nonviolence and the Cross
December’s Featured Presentation

This month we’d like to feature our second presentation in our new series, Nonviolence and the Cross.  In this second presentation Herb considers what Feminist liberation theologians as Joanne Carlson Brown and Rebecca Parker refer to as The Myth of Redemptive Suffering. We look at how viewing the sufferings of Jesus on the cross as redemptive have proven to be deeply problematic for women who are victims/survivors of violence and injustice. Learning to listen to the experiences of those for whom certain theologies have been damaging is an integral part of working toward a world that safe and compassionate for all.  Herb doesn’t offer alternatives till the forth presentation in this series, yet this second presentation lays the groundwork and begins the process of listening. It’s hour hope that your heart will be renewed and that you will be inspired to action as we listen together to this month’s featured presentation:

What If Jesus Had Been A Woman by Herb Montgomery

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02 What If Jesus Had Been A Woman?