Young People Glow in the Dark!

Rocklin, CA

The Sunset Oaks Seventh-day Adventist Church, feeling the call to reach out to Northern California’s youth, decided to make a difference. The church itself rented another location for their adult members to have their normal church service, and then they took their facility and put on an area-wide, entire weekend of events, worship, and Gospel presentations for churched and unchurched young people alike. And that’s where my involvement came in. I had the distinct privilege of giving the “Gospel presentations” part.

Friday night we looked at the importance of having a right picture of God. Then on Sabbath day, we began the quest to obtain that picture. We looked at three topics: the love relationship among the members of the Godhead and how we were created to share in that relationship; the difficult subject of “if God loves us so much, then why does he allow bad things to happen to us?”; and then we finished off with a passionate meditation on Calvary–the greatest picture this world has ever been given of the character of God and His great love for us. I then asked for the young people that evening to come forward and make a decision for Jesus–to make a response to God’s great love revealed through Calvary–and over 150 young people came forward! Praise God! If darkness is all the lies that have been told concerning God, and light is the truth concerning God, then we were most definitely “Glowing in the Dark.”