Wells Fargo Center for Performing Arts

Santa Rosa, CA

Rather than just let Northern California’s Redwood Adults 2 fall by the wayside this summer, those involved decided they would take it all as a simple opportunity to do EVANGELISM. In conjunction with the Santa Rosa SDA church, the Mosaic Worship Band and Renewed Heart Ministries came together for one week of music, practical presentations, and real honest-to-goodness, rubber-meets-the-road help for those in Santa Rosa and the surrounding community. Finding Hope in Troubled Times was the theme. Truly, there is nothing more fulfilling than reaching out to people’s felt needs and then, with gratitude freshly erupting in their hearts, drawing them in even further and showing them the love of the Father. Isn’t that the way Jesus taught us to do it? During Finding Hope in Troubled Times, we covered the first five or six presentations of our Life Unlimited series, which seeks to reach today’s post-modern world with the intrinsic value of having a correct picture of God. If you have not taken in this series yet, I would encourage you to either listen to or watch this series on our Web site at www.renewedheartministries.com.