Weaverville Experiences Life Unlimited

Weaverville, CA

Weaverville, CA

“Have you ever been to Weaverville?” This was the question everyone was asking when they learned that I was teaching a series aimed at reaching the community in this small town in Northern California. It just so happens that Weaverville could be rightly named the country’s capital for “every green herb” (Genesis 1:30), if you know what I mean. Yet the folks in this community are truly precious. They have a desire to know God more fully and share Him with their community. Many seeds were planted during those ten days. One weeknight, we had over 40 folks from one of the local community churches attend. I am looking forward to the long-term results from that series.

Unfortunately, in the midst of this series, tragedy struck friends of mine who lived far away. During this series I made a last minute trip to Oklahoma to conduct a funeral for some very dear friends who had just lost their ten-year-old son.

Some of you may remember the weekly e-sight released that week. Thank you for your prayers. The family sincerely appreciated your support and prayers. Over and over, they have shared with me how truly thankful they are for all who, through the network of God’s family, connected with them through this ministry. Your continued to prayer are helping them to get through each day right now. For that, I too am thankful to you. If you were not able to read that week’s e-sight devotional, I would like to recommend it to you. You can read it for yourself at:


The trip to Weaverville ended well. It was a small town, but a large effort was made by their church to touch the surrounding community with the message of God’s love that had deeply touched their hearts.