Walla Walla University Church

College Place, WA

Hello Everyone! Grace and Peace.

Last Friday night I gave a presentation on the campus at Walla Walla University and I want to drop you a quick note and say “thank you” to each of you who were praying for this event, and “thank you” for those who were able to be there as well.

It was good to connect with the students there. I was so blessed by the interaction I had with each of the ones I had the privilege of meeting. I only gave one presentation, and that was Friday evening, and so, to be honest, it was sort of a “buckshot” approach. A weekend’s worth of paradigm shifts, in one forty five minute presentation. But God blessed! The feed back I received afterward was tremendous. I’m also getting emails already from those who have gone to our website and have begun listening to the presentations there.

Once again, to all our supporters, and especially to those who were praying for God’s spirit to be poured out last Friday night, thank you. Together we are enlarging the kingdom.

Love like Christ,

Live in love,

And let’s together finish the work Jesus began of revealing our Father to the world.

Much love to each of you,