Visalia SDA Church

Visalia, CA

Very rarely am I as impressed with a church as I was with this one. What impressed me so much was the rich cultural diversity I found in the Visalia Seventh-day Adventist church. This is a bi-lingual church and the members pull it off beautifully.

I spent a week in Visalia, California, giving seven presentations. Night after night found us penetrating deeper into the matchless grace of a God whom I’m convinced has been misunderstood by and misrepresented to the masses. We began with the vital importance of having an accurate Biblical understanding of God and His character of Love. We then moved on to learn how to harmonize the Bible’s claim that God is love with the immense amount of continuous suffering and what appears to be arbitrary intervention and help from the Divine. Next, we compared all we had looked at with the Cross of Calvary, which I consider still to be the clearest revelation of the type of being our God truly is, ever to be shown to the universe. We closed the week with Paul’s words to the Believers in Ephesus, to be imitators of God and live the life of love (Ephesians 5:1).

What made these presentations an additional blessing was the high quality of translation into Spanish with which these presentations were given. These presentations were also recorded and may very well be Renewed Heart Ministries’ first materials available in Spanish. Keep an eye out for these in the near future.