Upcoming Event!

Oklahoma Camp Meeting; Wewoka, OK

Hello Everyone!

We survived the “dark summer” of 2012. For those of you who are still in the dark (pun intended) about what this even is, due to storms which ripped through West Virginia during the first part of July, we, along with 3 million other east coasters, have been without electricity for most of this month. We are just now getting things back to normal, although the ministry still has no Internet access. This should be remedied shortly, but for those who have sent in emails, thank you for your patience as we are getting things back online.

Today I am flying to Oklahoma to speak at a convention tomorrow in Wewoka. I will be giving five presentations tomorrow and then flying back home on Friday. Please keep tomorrow’s event in your prayers. It is my desire that those who attend will encounter more deeply the radical, other-centered, self-sacrificial love of our Heavenly Father. That we would see how deeply we are in the heart of God and that this would awaken in us a desire to have Him more deeply in ours. This is life eternal, that we would know Him and Jesus Christ whom He has sent (John 17.1-3). Jesus said it best, if we’ve seen Him, we’ve seen the Father. Period. (John 14.9) Please partner with me for the next twenty-four hours in praying for these meetings. This is my last Camp Meeting for this summer. It’s been a wild summer so far. One I will never forget. Next week we begin preparations for our Fall evangelism. In our evangelism line up we have Missouri, New Mexico, and more. Please be sure to check the series schedule on our website and if I am going to be in your area, I’d love to see you.

Lastly, summer is our lowest time, annually, for financial support. We have a two-fold policy when it comes to finances here at RHM. 1) We will never charge a fee for anything we do (freely we have received, Jesus commissioned us to freely give) and 2) that we will never make ministry about “money raising.” We simply believe in making our needs known and watching how God, through you, will provide. We have many projects on our “wish” list currently. We are still working on a Bible Study series to share Jesus’ message with those who do not know Him. Also, I have been contacted by the Review and Herald Publishing Association to author the “Sharing Book” for the North American Division for 2014 (on bookshelves by Fall of 2013). The manuscript is finished and going to edit soon. I’ll keep you posted on the title once it’s chose. We have also been getting many requests to produce a new DVD series from The Jesus Dialogue. This project alone, to be done right, costs in the neighborhood of ten thousand dollars. We do not sell them for profit once they are completed in order to distribute them as inexpensively as possible. To do this we are directly dependent on financial support for their initial production. And lastly, speaking of videos, we have recently finished a four minute video promoting a new series of videos we designing for evangelistic use on YouTube and other video avenues. These will be about ten minutes each in length, but this is becoming a resource more and more are finding successful in our current culture. This first promotional video is about to be released on our website, but we are beginning the production of many more.

All of this, in order to offer it “freely” to others, makes us dependent on your financial support. If you are already a financial supporter of RHM, let me simply say thank you. We could not do what we are already doing without you. And if you are not a financial partner with us, and you have been blessed by the message of God’s radically other-centered love for you through our ministry, I’d like to encourage you to pray about becoming one of our financial supporters so that others too might encounter the amazing beauty of who He is and His love for us all.

I’ll write more next week and share with each of you how tomorrow’s meetings in Oklahoma are received. Wherever this finds you, keep building the Kingdom.

I love you guys,