Upcoming Event!

Upcoming Event!

Pullman SDA Church

Pullman, WA

November 18-19, 2011

Hello everyone! Good news! My voice is almost back. I’m praying for full voice by tonight. This weekend I’m in Pullman, WA. If you’re in the area please stop in for the weekend, it’s sure to be a fantastic experience! We have the University students there and that always produces a great discussion. If you can’t make it, please be uplifting this weekend in prayer as we seek, through the lens of Jesus, to provide a medium for others to simply see how beautiful our Heavenly Father really is.

Also, the Website is finally updated for November. Thanks for your patience.

The new sermon of the month is:

A Formal Apology

Like ancient Israel of old, modern Christianity was called not to a “status” of being more saved, more holy, having more truth, or being morally superior to those around her. Rather we have been called to a “vocation” of humble service. We have forgotten that. But, it still remains that we have been given an invitation and our one job is to extend that invitation to others. We are called, given the picture of God we find in Jesus, not to arrogance, but humility. We are called not to consider ourselves better than others, but to a life of humble service, pleading with the world to come to the banquet, for the Master “just wants His house full.” If you would like to feel your heart thrill with one of Jesus’ most beautiful descriptions of what our Heavenly Father is really like, we invite you to take part in this month’s free presentation.— A Formal Apology by Herb Montgomery. Our Father truly is beautiful, if we can just see Him as He really is.

All my love to each of you,

Keep loving like Christ and keep building the Kingdom,