Beginning Tomorrow Night in Summersville, WV

The Jesus Dialogue
May 16-24, 2014

Beginning tomorrow night in Summersville, WV—The Jesus Dialogue!

Please partner with us in prayer for this event that all who attend will be inspired to move further up and further into Jesus’ Kingdom here on earth. This Kingdom, remember, is new world rooted in a radical way of seeing God, seeing ourselves, along with seeing everyone else around us that calls upon us to live radically different lives as followers of this Jesus.

May the Kingdom be enlarged as we endeavor, once again, to put on display the beauty of this path, Jesus said, leads to life.

He did not send us into the world to condemn the world, but that the world, through us, might be healed. (see John 3.17 cf. John 20.21)

I’ll keep you posted as this event progresses.

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And thank you in advance for supporting this through your continued prayer.

I love you guys.

Till the only world that remains is a world where love reigns.