The Jesus Dialogue – South Lake Tahoe TONIGHT!

Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for your prayers while I was in North Dakota. I left there yesterday, and today I’m waking up in South Lake Tahoe. Tonight I begin a week long series (purposed as a service to the community—believer and non-believer alike) wherein we will be sharing the message of Jesus. As always, RHM believes in sharing Jesus’ message of the Father’s radical other centered self sacrificial love and the call to “follow” this love in a relationally responsible way that creates reconciliation rather than further alienation and marginalization. We believe in sharing Jesus’ message in an intellectually honest way that genuinely wrestles with the deep questions society asks today regarding the difference between Jesus and “a religion which bears His name” while not pretending to have all the answers, but enough answers to offer a unique perspective. And to do all of this in a culturally relevant way to a post-Christian western world.

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I’ll have more time to write next week and will fill you in on all the details of what took place in North Carolina last week and North Dakota this week. So many beautiful things are happening right now. But before then, please partner with RHM over the next eight days, beginning tonight, that others will simply see Jesus and His message of the Father’s radical love. That they will be able to, not minimize, but look past the abuses of Christendom, and chose themselves, to become a follower of Jesus. It’s about a person, not a religion. That others can see this this week and understand what this truly means, is my prayer. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to be poured out on those who attend, not only for understanding and comprehension, not only for inspiration and motivation to follow, but also, as enabling and empowerment to be more than simply a believer, and even more than simply a worshiper, but to become, what was referred to in the first century which followed Jesus, a “follower.”

All my love to each one of you, thank you in advance for your prayers. I will keep you posted.

I really do love you guys,

Keep building the Kingdom,