The Dawning of a New Day

Lewisburg, WV

About six months ago, I had the privilege of delivering the Sabbath morning sermon at my home church (which doesn’t happen often, since I’m away from home almost every weekend). That morning, I was blessed to look out into my audience and see a visitor. I would later be introduced to her by name. But at that point, I was struck by how deeply attentive she was to the presentation. I was speaking about a very meaningful topic currently in my life and that is the encounter Mary Magdalene had with Jesus.

After church, I was introduced to our visitor. Her name was Crystal, and the person she was with asked if I could spare a moment to talk. Crystal’s background was in Wicca, and she had never before heard the things concerning God’s love, Mary, and the awakening of heart-level faith in the way she had experienced in that morning’s presentation. She expressed that she felt like she was Mary, and for the first time, she felt as if God’s love for Mary was exactly what God felt toward her. She wanted more. She didn’t want to run anymore. She had lots of questions, as well as lots of tears. I assured her that it would all become clear in time, just be patient, and don’t stop believing in what she was beginning to understand in regards to God’s unfathomable love for her.

She began studying with a couple in our local church as well as our local pastor and his wife. And I am happy to announce that last month, in January of ‘08, Crystal was baptized in our local church here in West Virginia. Congratulations Crystal!! And even more so, now after your baptism, in regards to God’s great love for you, don’t stop believing!