Sylvan Lake Adventist Church

Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada

It’s always a pleasure for me to travel to Canada. Getting back in from Canada is sometimes a different story though. You see, ten years ago I conducted a series in Pakistan and that little visa in the back of my passport with “Pakistan” on it always seems to raise the eyebrows of our Customs officers’ brightest and best. I’m happy that my passport is being updated this year, and hopefully it will be the dawning of a whole new “re-entry” experience between Canada and the U.S.

 Regardless, I sincerely find the folks that invite me to speak in Canada always, and I mean always, some of the nicest people I come across. There I find such a hunger for the Gospel, and especially a Gospel centered in God’s love as seen through the lens of our Adventist beliefs, among pastor and laity alike! I met such wonderful people this weekend, and it was truly exciting to see the lights turn on in so many of the hearts of those who attended. One gentleman said He felt as if he was encountering God for the very first time again. And the fruit of the Gospel always amazes me too. Two things stick out in my mind when we talk about what is left in the wake of the Gospel. Old wounds find healing as reconciliation between church members that have been at odds is made, and secondly there becomes a burning desire to share “this God and His love” with the community at large. Please keep Renewed Heart Ministries in your prayers as we endeavor to head back to both Red Deer and Sylvan Lake in 2011 to conduct our longer evangelism series for both areas. Praise our Heavenly Father for the healing (and life-transforming) balm of His love!