Southwest SDA Church

Orland Park, IL

I love it when Adventists begin to see and perceive the things we teach in light of the everlasting Gospel of our Heavenly Father’s character of Love. To actually see and perceive God’s love through the lens of some of our most unique doctrinal teachings is a truly remarkable experience. It’s also odd that I would say that about this series in particular, since it was an effort to share with the community rather than the church. And yes, the community did attend, but what struck me most about this series was the profound impact that it had on the members as well. This was a ten-day series that ended last weekend and was a product of the combined efforts between award-winning Christian songwriter and musician Michael Card and myself (doing the presentations). On a side note, I had never met Michael before and am not as familiar with his music as some others might be, but I can honestly say that it is a rarity that I meet someone who exhibits what I consider to be genuine Christianity. Michael is one of these people, a truly outstanding individual even outside of his remarkable gifts and talents. A Sabbatarian himself, we shared an excellent exchange following one of my presentations, and I was deeply blessed by the crossing of our paths for this one weekend in November. In regards to the church itself, keep the eyes focused on what is in our Heavenly Father’s heart for you. Not only will your understanding of our teaching take on a radically new light and dimension, but your entire life will as well. Thank you for the invitation to come and share. Both time and eternity will bear witness to the deep heart Awakenings that transpired.