Southwest SDA Church

Orland Park, IL

This was a series that we had to reschedule last year due to a scheduling conflict with multiple seminars that the ministry was juggling at that time. Orland Park has waited a long time for this, but it finally arrived. This weekend in September was a preparatory weekend gearing up for an exciting ten-day series we are doing in November at the local high school for the community. I cannot express how fulfilling it truly is to work with a church like this in reaching out to the community in the fashion that Jesus did as well. To meet people’s physical needs, right where they are, and then invite them to see God’s character of Love, many for the first time, through the lens of our Adventist core teachings. In just a little over a month, RHM will be back in this church, this time evangelistically. Please watch for it in our schedule and partner with us through prayer that God’s hands and heart may be loosed to do rich things in the lives of all who attend. It is our prayer that through this series, this little piece of the planet may once again be “lightened with His Glory” (Revelation 18:1).