Soquel Campmeeting

Soquel, CA

Let me simply say that this was an incredible experience! If you have never experienced Soquel Campmeeting, let me tell you that it is a Campmeeting like no other. This summer, I was given the privilege of presenting what I consider to be the best news in all the scriptures to two groups during the week.

With the collegiate group, we penetrated more deeply with each presentation into the infinite love that abounds toward us in the heart of our God. This culminated in an incredible encounter with the cross. Many who had been following God out of duty, felt as if they were “seeing” Him truly for the very first time. Hearts were not simply touched, lives were forever changed.

One special experience was that of a young man who was a student at an academy where I had delivered a week of presentations years ago. This young man stated that something took place in his heart that week and that he had been pursuing a correct picture of his heavenly Father ever since. It was truly a blessing to cross paths with this young man as an adult now.

Another experience was that of a young girl who has had a very unfortunate past. With tears in her eyes, she shared that she was feeling, for the first time, that she could truly trust God again. She was so thankful for the healing God was doing in her heart through the presentations. Truth was contrasted with error. The right picture was contrasted with the lies. The shadows were dispelled, and the dawning of His love took place in many collegiate hearts.

Then, there were the adults in the main pavilion. At the end of each presentation I literally felt mobbed as folks clamored to the front to share. One dear sister who had just been in an accident shared of the healing that took place in her heart toward God as she “saw” Him in the presentation on the “why” of human suffering. Another dear gentleman shared how he felt like He was falling in love with God for the first time although he had been a Christian for many years. In addition, there was a dear saint (she was in her 70’s) who came up to me, threw her arms around me and shared that she was a fifth generation Adventist and was truly feeling that the God of this universe sincerely loved her for the very first time. Wow!! I had the pleasure of meeting precious hearts who have been listening online from all over the globe. (Received some very encouraging news from our Australia listeners.)

I witnessed one changed life after another, as the gospel found its way into the hearts of those who had truly never seen Him as He really is. But one experience that will last in my memory for a long time is that of an elderly gentleman. As he was talking with me, someone else interrupted and asked him when He found God? I’ll never forget the look on his face when he turned and said, “That’s a curious thing to ask. I never knew He was lost. I rather prefer to think that He found me.” What a precious brother in Christ. He got it!

In the middle of the week I was given opportunity to give a presentation on the Cross for the main evening meeting. Christ was lifted up. Truth won the hearts of many. Nearly all who attended came forward to make a decision for our God! Praise Him for His matchless love. I’m sure He felt over-loved and overjoyed as many realized that not only is He in their hearts, but they are in the heart of their God!