Request for Prayer for Albuquerque

Hello Everyone!

Grace and peace to each of you. I know I still owe you an update on how the Lake Tahoe meetings went two weekends ago. I plan on cranking that out for you this weekend, but I wanted to drop you a line this morning and ask you to partner with me in prayer for this weekend starting tonight. I’ll be speaking in the Central Church in Albuquerque, NM beginning tonight and all day tomorrow. Prayer, though I believe is largely still misunderstood by so many, is nonetheless, still very powerful and effective (James 5). Thank you in advance for praying with me that God’s kingdom will be enlarged this weekend. My heart’s desire is that those who attend will experience a deeper realization of God’s radical self sacrificial other-centered love for them, and choose to partner with Him in letting that love shine through us to others. So many misconceptions of God prevail in our culture today, many of which have been proliferated by those who claim to follow God. My burden this weekend is to let Jesus redefine what we believe about God, ourselves, and our mission to the world around us. As I find myself repeating so often of late, it’s not about a religion, it’s about a Person. It’s not about enlarging a church, but establishing God’s kingdom of radical, non-condemning, self abandoning, generously extravagant, inclusive love in the hearts of those who will receive it.

Please keep this weekend in prayer.

I’ll keep you posted on the results (And I’ll include the miracles that took place at Lake Tahoe too!)

Keep enlarging the Kingdom.

In love,