Redwood Camp Meeting 2010

Redcrest, CA

This summer’s Redwood Camp Meeting, in Northern California, was truly amazing. Let me provide a little background of these meetings. People sometimes have certain misperceptions about our heavenly Father, certain wrong pictures of Him that I feel very passionate about refuting. If I am speaking at a church for the very first time, there are five presentations that I truly feel a responsibility to share. The concepts, the pictures of God, found in those five presentations are revolutionary. They have the potential to change people’s lives for eternity. This is why I have been so excited to record these concepts in print (see Finding the Father). As logic would dictate, the more you study and spend time with our heavenly Father, the more you “see” Him and His love with a clarity that wins your heart.

Too many times, I find myself in an interesting situation; I can only share one weekend with most of the people I meet. I wish that I could share much more than those initial concepts. The book has provided some liberty with regard to this goal; the concepts are permanently encapsulated now, and folks everywhere can access them even when I am not present. This book has also allowed me to share many new thoughts that I have been pondering in my heart over the last couple of years, and those thoughts were presented at the Redwood Camp meeting.

At Northern California’s Redwood Camp Meeting, two sets of adult meetings were held each evening. I was invited to speak again to the Adults Two division. I love this group! This year, the response was astounding. I appreciated this opportunity to share my recent thoughts about God and His character of love. The response of the attendees astonished me. I am always amazed at how the gospel affects folks when they hear it.

Soon, we will post the Redwood Camp Meeting presentations on our Web site (both audio and video). I cannot recommend them more highly. It is my prayer that your lives will be touched by these presentations, as were the lives of those who heard them firsthand. Thank you once again for supporting Renewed Heart Ministries in all we do. Our partnership is reconciling lost souls to the Father.