RHM’s Weekly Update: May 05, 2020

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A More Distributively Just Way (Part 1-3)

And in the context of the golden rule, these two things have caught my attention over the past few weeks as we all respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Full series begins at  https://www.patheos.com/blogs/socialjesus/2020/04/more-distributively-just-way-part1/


Transforming Negative Pushback To Work In Favor of Change (Part 1-3)


In this story, Jesus models how we, too, can stop, listen and ask ourselves whether this may be a moment where we can choose to learn from those whose social location is more marginalized than our own.

Full series begins at https://www.patheos.com/blogs/socialjesus/2020/04/transforming-negative-pushback-part1/




May’s Recommended Reading from RHM

Say to this Mountain: Mark’s Story of Discipleship
Ched Myers

In “Say to this Mountain” Myers is joined by a team of authors committed to the work of justice and peace, the renewal of the church, and to Christian discipleship. With Myers, they share in the conviction that Mark’s story has transforming power only as it intersects with our own life stories and the broader story of the times in which we live. The authors of this book have designed a process for reading the Gospel of Mark in which each of the three circles of story informs the other.

Also, you don’t have to order this book through amazon.com, but if you do, please consider using Amazon Smile (smile.amazon.com) and selecting Renewed Heart Ministries as your designated charity for a portion of your purchase to be donated to RHM at no additional cost to you.





A Special Message to Our HeartGroups

We have the ability to slow the spread of COVID-19 if we act together. In moments like these, we affirm that all people are made in the image of God to live as part of God’s peace, love, and justice. There is nothing more powerful and resilient than when people come together to prioritize “the least of these.”

We at RHM are asking all HeartGroups not to meet together physically at this time. Please stay virtually connected and to practice physical distancing. You can still be there for each other to help ease anxiety and fears. When you do go out, please keep a six-foot distance between you and others to stop the spread of the virus.

This is also a time where we can practice the resource-sharing and mutual aid found in the gospels. Make sure the others in your group have what they need. We are more interconnected than we realize, as this has proven. And we need each other during this time.

This is a time to work together and prioritize protecting those most vulnerable among us.

We’ll get through this.

How many ways can you take care of others while we are physically apart?