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Jesus’ Gehenna in the Context of Social Justice

We are to oppose injustice and resist oppression. Let’s do it together in a way that isn’t suicidal but could allow us to survive to enjoy that liberation. There are no guarantees. And remaining passive is not an acceptable option.

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When Truth Comes To Light, It Doesn’t Do So On Its Own

It is in our “speaking in the light” what we have “heard in the dark” that we make true the statement, “Nothing is covered up that will not be exposed.”

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October’s Book of the Month

A Sin by Any Other Name: Reckoning with Racism and the Heritage of the South
by Robert W. Lee (Author), Bernice A. King (Foreword)

A descendant of Confederate General Robert E. Lee chronicles his story of growing up with the South’s most honored name and the moments that forced him to confront the privilege, racism, and subversion of human dignity that came with it.

With a foreword by Rev. Dr. Bernice A. King.

The Reverend Robert W. Lee was a little-known pastor at a small church in North Carolina until the Charlottesville protests when he went public with his denunciation of white supremacy in a captivating speech at the MTV Video Music Awards. Support poured in from around the country, but so did threats of violence from people who opposed the Reverend’s message.

In this riveting memoir, he narrates what it was like growing up as a Lee in the South, an experience that was colored by the world of the white Christian majority. He describes the widespread nostalgia for the Lost Cause and his gradual awakening to the unspoken assumptions of white supremacy which had, almost without him knowing it, distorted his values and even his Christian faith. In particular, Lee examines how many white Christians continue to be complicit in a culture of racism and injustice, and how after leaving his pulpit, he was welcomed into a growing movement of activists all across the South who are charting a new course for the region.

A Sin by Any Other Name is a love letter to the South, from the South, by a Lee—and an unforgettable call for change and renewal.

[You don’t have to order this book through amazon.com, but if you do, please consider using Amazon Smile (smile.amazon.com) and selecting Renewed Heart Ministries as your designated charity for a portion of your purchase to be donated to RHM at no additional cost to you.]


October’s Featured Presentation

This month, we wrap up our ten-part eSight/podcast series on Jesus’ teachings on self-affirming, nonviolent resistance.  In the spirit of this series, we are featuring the second presentation from our Nonviolence and the Cross audio presentation series—What If Jesus Had Been a Woman? Repeatedly, scholars have shown the damage, the destructive fruit of interpreting Jesus’ nonviolence as self-sacrificial for those who are already vulnerable in both personal and societal relationships of power inequity.  We at RHM believe Jesus’ nonviolence is most life-giving when it’s understood as a means of self-affirmation for those whose self is already being denied through injustice or violation.  It’s our hope that your heart will be renewed and your feet set in motion to follow Jesus more deeply from listening to this month’s featured presentation:

What If Jesus Had Been a Woman? by Herb Montgomery


Second Annual Shared Table: Fundraiser for Renewed Heart Ministries

Picture of a pottery bowl

It’s time for our second annual A Shared Table: A Fundraiser for Renewed Heart Ministries!

In the gospels, Jesus modeled for us a way of practicing community in the shape of a shared table. With a preferential option for the most vulnerable among us, this way of living is rooted in a posture of caring and listening. We believe the result will be a world that becomes a safer, just, more compassionate home for everyone. These pottery bowls are a symbol of Jesus’ shared table.

You can use this pottery bowl and be reminded of the shared table as a means of healing the hurts in our world. Or you could simply place it on your side table or work desk as a conversation starter. When asked about it you can share with them Jesus’ shared table, and even direct them to RHM to find out more. That way you can partner with us in even more ways to spread the message of love, compassion, justice, sharing and taking care of one another.

To get your own RHM Shared Table Pottery Bowl (made by Crystal and myself) all you have to do is become one of our sustaining partners by setting up an automated reoccurring monthly donation on our website during the months of November or December.

To do this go to https://renewedheartministries.com/donate/. There’s no minimum amount. And of course, you can pledge as much as you’d like, as well. Just make sure you select “Check this box to make it a monthly recurring donation”, or if you are using Paypal, check “Make this a monthly donation.” These types of subscriptions sustain our work throughout the year and allow us to make ministry plans for 2020.

And if you are already one of our sustaining partners making a monthly automated donation each month, you don’t have to do a thing. We want to honor your existing continual support of Renewed Heart Ministries.

At the end of December, we’ll send you one of RHM’sShared Table Pottery Bowls so you can join in sharing the message of a shared table, too.

Thank you in advance for your support. Now you’ll be able to help us even more by putting your RHMShared Table Pottery Bowl on display, and when the conversation comes up, tell folks all about Jesus’ vision for a world shaped in the form of a shared table and send them our direction to find out more.

Crystal and I are so excited to be offering these bowls again this year as a visual representation of a safer, more compassionate, and just world. We, here at RHM, believe that following Jesus creates such a world.

Make sure to reserve you Shared Table Pottery Bowl during the month’s of November and/or December by going to renewedheartministries.com/donate

and becoming one of our monthly supporters.


A Primer on Self-Affirming Nonviolence (Parts 1-10)

mountains during golden hour

We have completed our new ten-part series on self-affirming, nonviolent resistance in the teachings of Jesus.

To read through the entire series go to:

A Primer on Self Affirming, Nonviolence (Part 1)


Or to listen to this series through our weekly podcasts, go to:

Jesus for Everyone Podcast


Make your support of RHM go twice as far!

picture of woman holding up two fingers

November and December are traditionally months within our year for gratitude and thankfulness to be expressed. This year, a group of our supporters wants to express their gratitude for RHM once again in a concrete and tangible way.

“I believe in the work RHM is doing, and we want to make sure this work continues.”

These were the words of one of these very kind and generous supporters whom I spoke with on the phone recently. They wish to remain anonymous, and they have together pledged to match every donation during the month of November made to Renewed Heart Ministries, dollar for dollar, up to $40,000.

Seeing in our monthly newsletter Awakenings that RHM was facing a potential budget shortfall this year, they not only wanted to help, but they also want to see us grow.

What does all of this mean for you as someone who is also a supporter and partner with RHM? It means that for the months of November and December, you can make your support go twice as far.

Thanks to this generous offer, every one dollar you give to Renewed Heart Ministries during November and December, will be doubled!

Here at the end of 2019, you can make your support of RHM’s work go further than it does at any other time of the year!

Help us reach our budget goals for 2019 and be able to plan for 2020. For those of you who will also sign up to be one of our automated donors during our second annual A Shared Table: A Fundraiser for Renewed Heart Ministries, your contributions for November and December will also be matched.

We are beyond thankful for all of our supporters who believe in our work and partner with us to continue being a voice for change both within the church and in our larger society!

Thank you in advance for taking advantage of these very generous offers for RHM.

Every amount helps.

Together we are making a difference.

Another word is possible if we choose it.