RHM’s Weekly News Update: August 27, 2019

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Recent Social Jesus Blog Posts


Beatitude for Those Who Perceive God in the Othered


But all of this drives home the point. This reformulation is the result of what the vulnerable see! Those in positions of privilege and power in our society are so indoctrinated and socialized that they don’t even see what is so wrong and dangerous about the traditional description of love-as-atoning sacrifice. Read more

A Prayer for Societal Justice and an End to Violence

man praying

We can make a choice to subvert our culture’s tendency to value property over people or even treat people as property, and instead place people before both profit and property. The power of this choice should not be underestimated. It is the very stuff that has the potential to change our world. Read more



New Book Update: Finding Jesus


book pages

We have great news about Herb’s upcoming book!  We’ve received the edits back and we are working with graphic designers on layout and design, cover design and possible Kickstarter for this project this December.

That means we will go to print in January and are hoping for this new volume to go on sale in February 2020.

We are beyond excited, and everyone who has read the drafts up till this point is excited, too!

We’ll keep you posted as we progress.  We finally have a concrete availability date:

Finding Jesus
by Herb Montgomery

Available February 2020!

Book of the Month for August 2019

The Heart of Christianity
by Marcus J. Borg

book coverBorg’s The Heart of Christianity is divided into two parts.  The second part I wish every Christian would read.  The first part I don’t believe is for everyone. Part 1 is for those for whom the kind of Christianity they grew up with, no longer works.  If you need a new way to practice your faith, If you love Jesus but struggle with where Christianity is today, this book is for you.

In The Heart of Christianity, world-renowned Jesus scholar and author of the bestseller Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time argues that the essential ingredients of a Christian life—faith, being born again, the kingdom of God, the gospel of love—are as vitally important today as they have always been, even during this time of conflict and change in the church.

Borg wants to show us, as today’s thinking Christians, how to discover a life of faith by reconceptualizing familiar beliefs. Being born again, for example, has nothing to do with fundamentalism, but is a call to radical personal transformation. Talking about the kingdom of God does not mean that you are fighting against secularism, but that you have committed your life to the divine values of justice and love. And living the true Christian way is essentially about opening one’s heart—to God, and to others. Above all else, Borg believes with passion and conviction that living the Christian life still makes sense.

[You don’t have to order this book through amazon.com, but if you do, please consider using Amazon Smile (smile.amazon.com) and selecting Renewed Heart Ministries as your designated charity for a portion of your purchase to be donated to RHM at no additional cost to you.]

August’s Featured Presentation

The Lord's Prayer album cover. Person praying.This month, we are in the middle of our online eSight/podcast series titled A Primer on Self-Affirming Nonviolence. We thought what better presentation to go along with this online series than this presentation from our Audio series on the Lord’s prayer on nonviolence, as well.  It is our hope that your heart will be renewed and your feet set in motion to follow Jesus more deeply as you listen to this month’s presentation:

A Path Toward Compassion and Justice by Herb Montgomery