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Times are changing and the work of helping people find life-giving ways to live out their faith through love, compassion, and justice are needed now more than ever.

At Renewed Heart Ministries, we provide resources to renew hope and inspire action as we allow the Jesus story to inform the work of shaping our world into a compassionate, just and safe home for all.

You get to decide what shape our faith communities take and what voices get to be heard. Renewed Heart Ministries is a grassroots ministry on the margins that prioritizes the needs of marginalized people, especially those who have been the recipients of misinformed, faith-based harm.

We feel the weight of the deep need for this work. And you are helping us bear that weight, together, by resourcing Renewed Heart Ministries’ efforts in this new year.

Your support enables us to be a life-giving, healing light in our faith communities and continue to be a voice for desperately needed change.

Thank you. Thank you for reading, listening to, sharing and supporting RHM’s work. Thank you for the actions you take to make our world a safer, compassionate, just home for everyone. Thank you for your dedication to engaging our world and the care you demonstrate. Thank you for being such an important part of our community.


It’s Here!

Herb’s new book is now available through Renewed Heart Ministries just in time for the holidays!

Finding Jesus: A story of a Fundamentalist preacher who unexpectedly discovered the social, political, and economic teachings of the Gospels
by Herb Montgomery

One reader recently wrote in, “Oh my! Your book is everything I’ve have been looking for. I need four more copies to share. I have friends I need to give these to so we can read it together!”

Here is what people are saying:

“Herb has spent the last decade reading scripture closely. He also reads the world around us, thinks carefully with theologians and sociologists, and wonders how the most meaningful stories of his faith can inspire us to live with more heart, attention, and care for others in our time. For those who’ve ever felt alone in the process of applying the wisdom of Jesus to the world in which we live, Herb offers signposts for the journey and the reminder that this is not a journey we take alone. Read Finding Jesus with others, and be transformed together.” Dr. Keisha Mckenzie, Auburn Theological Seminary

“In Finding Jesus, Herb Montgomery unleashes the revolutionary Jesus and his kin-dom manifesto from the shackles of the domesticated religion of empire. Within these pages we discover that rather than being a fire insurance policy to keep good boys and girls out of hell, Jesus often becomes the fiery enemy of good boys and girls who refuse to bring economic justice to the poor, quality healthcare to the underserved, and equal employment to people of color or same-sex orientation. Because what the biblical narratives of Jesus reveal is that any future human society—heavenly or otherwise—will only be as good as the one that we’re making right here and now. There is no future tranquil city with streets of gold when there is suffering on the asphalt right outside our front door today. Finding Jesus invites us to pray ‘thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ on our feet as we follow our this liberator into the magnificent struggle of bringing the love and justice of God to all—right here, right now.”—Todd Leonard, pastor of Glendale City Church, Glendale CA.

“Herb Montgomery’s teachings have been deeply influential to me. This book shares the story of how he came to view the teachings of Jesus through the lens of nonviolence, liberation for all, and a call to a shared table. It’s an important read, especially for those of us who come from backgrounds where the myth of redemptive violence and individual (rather than collective) salvation was the focus.” – Daneen Akers, author of Holy Troublemakers & Unconventional Saints and co-director/producer of Seventh-Gay Adventists: A Film about Faith, Identity & Belonging

“So often Christians think about Jesus through the lens of Paul’s theology and don’t focus on the actual person and teachings of Jesus. This book is different. Here you find a challenging present-day application of Jesus’ teachings about the Kingdom of God and the Gospel. Rediscover why this Rabbi incited fear in the hearts of religious and political leaders two millennia ago. Herb’s book calls forth a moral vision based on the principles of Jesus’ vision of liberation. Finding Jesus helps us see that these teachings are just as disruptive today as they were when Jesus first articulated them.” Alicia Johnston, author of The Bible & LGBTQ Adventists.

“Herb Montgomery is a pastor for pastors, a teacher for teachers and a scholar for scholars. Part memoir and part theological reflection, Finding Jesus is a helpful and hope-filled guide to a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and who he can be. Herb’s tone is accessible and welcoming, while also challenging and fresh. This book is helpful for anyone who wants a new and fresh perspective on following Jesus.”— Traci Smith, author of Faithful Families

Pages: 210
Price: $14.95

Get your copy today!

To purchase click here.


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A Shared Table 2022 Update

Everyone who became one of our automated monthly sustaining partners during the months of November and December 2022 will receive one of our handmade Renewed Heart Ministries Shared-Table Pottery Bowl made by Crystal and Herb as a thank you gift for your support.

They are going into the kiln now and will be ready shortly. We will be shipping them out to you as soon as they are ready! Thank you once again for your support.



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Last Week’s Social Jesus Posts

Articles posted each week at https://www.patheos.com/blogs/socialjesus/


The Myth of Redemptive Suffering (Part 1 of 3)

“It is helpful to understand some of the political context in which this passage was written. The early Jesus community was establishing its authorities and choosing leaders to rally around.”



The Myth of Redemptive Suffering (Part 2 of 3)

“If we interpret Jesus’ death as redemptive suffering, then this becomes a life model for us to suffer at the hands of our abusers. This is dangerous.”



The Myth of Redemptive Suffering (Part 3 of 3)

“If we aren’t careful we are telling those being harmed to be patient, that something good will come of their suffering, rather than to stand up for themselves and what is right.”






JANUARY 28, 2023
Good News Fellowship
(via Zoom)
Toronto, Ontario Canada

JANUARY 29, 2023
Edgewood Presbyterian Church
Lewisburg, WV




Weekly Zoom HeartGroup on Wednesday Nights

Each Wednesday evening, Glendale City Church will be hosting a Zoom-HeartGroup led by Herb Montgomery.  Our discussion each week will focus on the content in Renewed Heart Ministries’ weekly eSight articles and the Jesus For Everyone podcast published each Friday.  The time of each Zoom session will be on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. Pacific/10:00 p.m. Eastern.

For more information and for the link to participate each week, contact RHM here.


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