Princeton University and Lee’s Summit, MO

Lee’s Summit, MO

March 30-31, 2012

I had so much fun this weekend! Sometimes God’s kingdom is a party. I had the most wonderful time getting acquainted with the pastor of a church during my stay in Lee’s Summit. He has quite a life story about what Jesus has done in his life, and he exudes a contagious excitement about everything he does. The purpose of the weekend visit was to look into the possibility of working together this fall in the community of Lee’s Summit to simply present Jesus and His message about the Father’s radical, other-centered, self-sacrificial love using the updated Life Unlimited series. As I shared last week, it’s not about conquering the world for Jesus or taking anything back for Jesus, but rather, it’s about surrendering and humbly and lovingly serving the world like Jesus.

Please be praying for the event in the fall in Lee’s Summit, that it will come to fruition and be a success in enlarging Christ’s kingdom of love.

Princeton University

April 20-21, 2011

First, I want to say how humbled and thankful I am to have been invited by the group on Princeton University’s campus to come and share with the campus community. I also want to respectfully thank each of you reading this for the many prayers that were sent out for this event. The irony is that in speaking to the mostly postmodern, naturalistic audience, I witnessed what I consider to be one “miracle” after another. As I shared last week, I discussed three topics:

1) I discussed historical evidence for why thinking people within the context of the postmodern, naturalistic worldview can genuinely believe, despite the supernatural elements of the story, in the historical reliability of the Synoptic/Canonical story of Jesus, the existence of God, and that He is radically non-condemning, other-centered and self-sacrificing as revealed by that Jewish carpenter of the first century named, Jesus. (This in no way legitimizes, defends, or justifies the abuse of this story that has been witnessed throughout history by the religions that bear Christ’s name.)

2) I discussed the philosophical debate about human free will and the delicate balance of love, freedom, risk, capability and Divine ability that free will produces in an effort to understand how a God who looks like Jesus could really be “out there” while people in this world suffer so much pointless and seemingly arbitrary pain.

3) And lastly, I talked about the overwhelmingly beautiful, self-revelation of God given to us in the Crucifixion narrative when we begin to see it through the lens of Jesus’ own understanding of the purpose of His death as the means whereby He would deliver/ransom His enemies from the very Powers that held them in captivity, by giving Himself out of love and forgiveness for them (1 John 3.8; Hebrews 2.14).

For all of you who were praying for this event, thank you. These presentations are now available on our website at:

Keep living in Love and building the Kingdom!

I love you guys,