Princeton University

This Weekend!

Good Morning Everyone!

I’m on my way to Princeton University and I’m emailing you to solicit your prayers. I will be giving three presentations on the University’s campus this weekend beginning tonight. The topics I will presenting in each are:

1) The historical evidence for why thinking people, within the context of the postmodern, naturalistic worldview, can genuinely believe, not only in the existence of God, but that He is as radically non-condemning, other-centered and self-sacrificing as revealed by Jesus Christ (in contrast to the history of a religion that bears his name).

2) The delicate balance of love, freedom, risk, capability and divine ability in an effort to understand how a God who looks like Jesus could really be out there and yet this world be racked with so much pointless and seemingly arbitrary pain.

3) And lastly, the overwhelmingly beautiful, self-revelation of God given to us in the Crucifixion narrative when we begin to see it through the lens of Jesus’ own understanding of the purpose of His death as being the means whereby he would deliver/ransom His enemies from the very Powers that held them in captivity, by giving Himself out of love and forgiveness for them. (in contrast to the idea that Calvary’s purpose was to appease an angry/wrathful God’s need to punish).

My prayer is that the students and faculty that choose to attend will simply see a revelation of God’s radical, other-centered, self-sacrificial love, without having to abandon intellectual honesty, relational responsibility, and in a culturally relevant, life changing way. And that those who may be on the fence this weekend will be open to considering what it truly means to be a follower of Jesus and embrace that choice for themselves. Please partner with me this weekend in uplifting this event and all those who will be attending, especially those who have been hurt by the Christian religion or a relationally damaging misrepresentation/picture of God.

Keep living in love. It’s not about conquering the world for Jesus, but coming under and lovingly serving the world like Jesus. Pray with me this weekend and let’s together, keep building the Kingdom.

Thank you in advance,

I love you guys,