Poplar Bluff SDA Church

Poplar Bluff, MO

Just a quick note to let you know how last weekend went, and what’s up next.

This past weekend was outstanding. I met some of the most precious people, so sincere and so open. Some of you have heard my spiel about the three different flavors of Adventism in North America. Across the board we all have the same essential doctrines, but there are three very distinct pictures of God within the Adventist church in the United States. This past weekend I was in Missouri, which religiously, is very much associated with the Bible belt of the south. This is a religious culture I am more than familiar with as it is the culture in which I too was raised, although I grew up in a different corner of the south. As with all three paradigms, the south has a very unique picture of God and this comes out even within the Adventist church. I have encountered some very beautiful people in the South, but who hold in their hearts, sincere as we all may be from the south, a very ugly picture of our heavenly Father.

It was such a pleasure to watch the lights turn on for so many this past weekend. Some shared that what they were encountering in the presentations was what they always felt or knew to be true on a “gut level” but never could find the words to express it. While others saw God and His character of love for themselves for the very first time. One dear sister shared that she was a fourth generation Adventist, and although she was in her 50’s she had NEVER seen or considered God to be the way she was hearing Him to be this weekend. Her heart leapt for joy as she expressed that she felt as if she was meeting Jesus for the very first time. Also, there was a couple attending there in Poplar Bluff, who have been studying their Bibles and feel that the Adventist church is where God is calling them. It was such a privilege to introduce to them, not simply the doctrines that make us unique, but also to share with them, right from the beginning of their journey with our church, a unique and indescribably beautiful picture of our Heavenly Father and His love for them as revealed through the person of Jesus Christ. (You two, if you signed up this week and your reading this, you BOTH, made my weekend. I’m so thankful to have met you.) Spending this weekend with the beautiful folks there in Poplar Bluff was truly a tremendous privilege. For all of those who were praying for last weekend, thank you sincerely. Your prayers made a huge difference.

This weekend starts the beginning of a fourteen-day preaching tour. Starting Sunday night (March 13), I will be preaching two hours every night for the next two weeks, non stop. No breaks. Please pray for me and the folks who will be attending. I’m on my way out of the country as I write this. I’ll be in Sylvan Lake, AB, Canada for the next seven days, and then I will be transiting to a location an hour away in a town named Red Deer in Alberta, CA as well, for the seven days after that. Two seven day, 16 presentation, series 32 total in 14 days) aimed at the secular unchurched in the postmodern communities surrounding these two churches. For more reasons than are usually true, I will need your prayers. Thank you in advance, I’ll keep you posted on how things go.

Remember, love like the rain, love like the sun, and go enlarge the kingdom.

He loves you. Never forget that.

In love,