Pine Hills Academy

Auburn, CA

Very rarely do I run into a group of young people as “with it” as those in this student body. Many remarked what a blessing our studies were during this week, but I can honestly say, the blessing was largely mine. I had the privilege of speaking to all grades, from kindergarten through senior in high school. And a wide spectrum of participants that is!

During our time together for this Academy’s spring week-of-prayer, we explored some very heavy subjects, as well as the questions that always surface regarding those subjects and the puzzling harmony of reconciling common conclusions with the character of a God who is Love. We didn’t settle for pat answers. We kept searching. And what amazed me was not just the students’ ability to think deeply, but also their capacity for maintaining focus long enough to come up with some truly original and creative thoughts on the subjects.

One afternoon, after the formal presentation itself was over, we spent about half an hour in a circle discussing the challenge of reconciling the seemingly arbitrary nature of divine intervention in human suffering. And as emotionally charged as that discussion was, we experienced new insights and were all moved deeply at how truly loving our God really is.

The week ended for many with a powerful encounter with the cross. Decisions were made for both time and eternity. And many saw God’s heart, not just for the first time, but also at deeper level than ever before. Praise be to Him who did not count heaven itself a place to be desired while we were left outside.

I will be heading back to this Academy next spring for graduation as well. Please keep these students in your prayers. God is doing great things at Pine Hills Adventist Academy.