Pardigm ShiFts! Paradigm SHIFTS!!!

A Sincere Thank You

Hello Everyone,

Let me first say that I am truly humbled. It’s amazing the difference one little letter can make. I’m so so sorry. Thank you for the thousands upon thousands of emails and Facebook messages I received on this. If nothing else came as a result, it drove home to me how many of you are really out there reading these. And yes, for those of you who are still wondering, it was a TYPO! : D Thank you, each of you, for the humor with which you responded to this in. Your kindness, understanding, and for some of you, even your forgiveness, was astounding! Each of you are beautiful.

So, what I left at Walla Walla University, for the record, I hope was paradigm SHIFTS. ; )

Tonight, I will have the privilege of beginning a weekend of presentations in Charleston, WV, my home state’s capital. Even though it’s the other side of the state, it will be nice to be able to share with my relatives, um, I mean, family, I mean, uh, fellow West Virginian’s, yes, fellow West Virginian’s this weekend.

Please keep this event covered in prayer. I truly can tell a difference when you are praying.

Keep loving like the sun, loving like the rain. And thank you for the understanding love each of you has shown me this week, despite my shortcomings.

Live in love. And Love like Christ,