Paradise SDA Church

Paradise, CA

When the pastor here contacted me about coming to Paradise, we had originally scheduled this to be a weeklong event. What this ended up being, however, was a series of presentations with a week-long’s worth of content, while being presented in the space of a weekend! Paradise is a wonderful community where our Health Institutions presence is strongly and positively felt. It really was a pleasure to be in the Paradise church. What stands out in my heart and mind the most about this weekend is the powerful testimonies I continued to hear in response to Renewed Heart Ministries, as well as the presentations that weekend that some who had never had contact with our ministry were sharing. The one that takes the prize, though, is the story about Anita.

In short, Anita spent the majority of her life an agnostic, who didn’t care much for other people. In her elderly years, she found herself in need of others to take care of her, and this is where RHM comes in. One of our supporters who is also a member there in Paradise became her caregiver. In the last few months of Anita’s life, Anita encountered a love in this caregiver she could not explain. Anita found herself changing too in response to this love. When Anita finally inquired as to what the difference in this caregiver was, Anita was given a copy of our latest book, Finding the Father. Anita found herself, through those pages, face to face with a God who had been pursuing her heart for her entire life. She came in contact with a very different God from whom she had ever been told. And in the last few days of her life, I am so deeply touched to be able to say, Anita accepted God’s love for her and His gift to her of Jesus as her personal friend, Lord and Savior. Anita died with the hope and peace of spending eternity in the embrace of a God whom the Apostle John defined as Perfect Love.

Again, to all our supporters, thank you. It’s folks like Anita who make everything we do worth it, over and above. Thank you, thank you, thank you.