Orangevale SDA Church

Orangevale, CA

It is ten minutes into my flight on a Sunday morning and I have my MacBook open already. I cannot wait to share what took place this weekend. Over a year ago, we scheduled a preparatory weekend here at the Orangevale SDA church in the hope that it would lead to a longer to be presented to the community next spring. I walked into this weekend expecting it to be just that: A weekend spent getting the church on board for a series next year; but I was in for a surprise. I only gave three presentations, which is unusual as four is ordinarily the bare minimum. One of the three presentations was on the importance of seeing God correctly as the foundation of all we do. The second was about why bad things happen on this planet if God is good. Then, the final presentation was on Calvary. Each presentation produced a marked response from the congregation, but it was the last that evoked the most passionate reaction from my listeners. It is rare to see a congregation respond to Calvary to the degree that I did this weekend. Words cannot describe the wonderful awakening that took place in many hearts. Some shared that, although they had been Christians all their lives, they felt as if they had never truly seen God’s heart until this weekend. After such a heart-warming reaction, I can hardly wait to see what God will do at the Orangevale SDA church next spring, when we reach out into the community and lift high the cross. Keep Orangevale congregants in your prayers and, if you happen to be in the area next March, please do come along. I know you will be as blessed as we have been over the last two days. Thank you for the support that enables us to do what we do. Sincerely, thank you.