Novato SDA Church

Novato, CA

Wow!!! I was not expecting the blessing I received this weekend. I’m sitting right now behind a desk in my hotel room in Novato, just completely feeling overwhelmed from what has taken place in the last 24 hours here. Such a WARM church, the pastor and his wife, especially (thank you guys, if you’re reading this!). This weekend, I gave four of the six presentations from our “The Awakening” series. And I never cease to be amazed at the heart-level miracles that take place in people’s hearts when the truth about God and His character of love truly are encountered. This was a weekend that will be remembered for sure. Thank you, Novato, for the invitation to come and share! For the rest of you, we are releasing “The Awakening” on our sermons download page this month. It is an updated version of our older seminar “Light in the Darkness” but with many new insights. May it truly bless your heart, no matter where you may be on your journey of discovering this Being the Bible names as Love.