New HeartGroups Website and Directory!

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce to you the new HeartGroups directory and Website at:

or by going to and clicking on the HeartGroups tab.

This is an exciting new venture for us and we are looking forward to watching this grow as we all learn together how to genuinely practice the one anothers of Christ’s Kingdom.

If your HeartGroup is not in the directory, please feel free to list it. The directory updates every 24 hours.

This is a voluntary registry for Renewed Heart Ministries’ HeartGroups and those who are dedicated to enlarging Christ’s radical, self-sacrifical, other-centered Kingdom, specifically in the area of recovering the “One Another” nature of the New Testament ekklesia under the Headship of Jesus over His Body, where the “priesthood” of all believers is embraced by the practice of open, mutually participatory gatherings. This directory is not intended to promote (nor demote) churches which manifest a clergy/laity environment. This directory is intended rather, to be an aid in finding groups in a desired location that welcome, embrace and practice open, respectful, and mutual sharing and participation.

The Groups registered here are not vetted by Renewed Heart Ministries, nor do they represent Renewed Heart Ministries. Therefore Renewed Heart Ministries makes no guarantees that each group here actually practices what is stated in the paragraph above. Registering to be listed in this directory simply states your group is expressing an interest in and are endeavoring to embrace and grow in what has been stated above.

Do use your best discretion as you contact other groups in this list. Please report any abuses or unsolicited commercial offers.

All activity in this Registry is emailed to the Registry Keeper as it occurs. Renewed Heart Ministries reserves the right to remove your listing at any time.

Thank you for caring and for your interest in enlarging Christ’s radical, self-sacrifical, other-centered Kingdom and rebuilding New Testament Ekklesia, arm and arm with “one another”, under the Headship of Christ. Long live the Revolution!