Mountain View Camp Meeting

Huttonsville, WV

Wow! If someone had told me beforehand how my week at the Mountain View Camp Meeting would go, I would have found it difficult to believe. Words are insufficient to genuinely capture what transpired during this week of presentations. I will say that it was a real privilege to share at the camp meeting in my own conference for the first time this summer. I have had to say “no” twice before to invitations to speak at my local camp meeting due to conflicts with other camp meetings, but this event was scheduled two years ago to make sure the dates would work. And, boy, it was worth the wait!

I gave 20 presentations over the course of the week, with a series of meetings for the adults and a series for the youth. I had never tried juggling adults and youth before, and I doubt I will again; it was a fasten-your-seat-belt ride for sure.

Testimonies are still coming into the ministry about how folks’ lives have been changed by the presentations, which allowed them to encounter God as they never had before. We are receiving stories of marriages that are beginning to be restored, stories of church environments that are radically changing as those who possessed a judgmental spirit come face to face with a God who is radically different than what they had previously believed. We hear about how these people are beginning to relate to others around them, especially within the church, as differently as day is from night. New members also are writing in to share how many questions were answered for them. Overall, there is a sincere, heartfelt “thank you” in each letter we are receiving. And the testimonies are not only from the adults; one of the young people was so moved that she wrote in to the Camp Meeting Newsletter that published testimonies each morning during the week:

“My picture of God has changed by listening to Herb’s sermons. God really has blessed me through him. I would recommend his meetings to everyone.” –KO

There were more requests for Finding The Father in the onsite bookstore than what the manager could ever remember of any book in the recent past camp meetings, as people hungered to know more of “this kind of a God” and to encounter His extravagant love for them.

For all of you who were praying for this camp meeting, the administration here in West Virginia has told me that I will never know the difference that God has made through Renewed Heart Ministries during this camp meeting. Miracles took place in people’s hearts and bodies. (One gentleman asked us to do an anointing service for him, and his doctor told him when he got back home that his esophageal cancer was gone.)

So, on behalf of all those who are right now thanking RHM for this camp meeting, let me also thank YOU for supporting us. We do almost everything free of charge. Freely we’ve received, freely we give, and we as a ministry could not do any of this without your support. Thank you for your prayers and your financial contributions, which enable this ministry to keep proclaiming a revelation of God’s character of love. We are entering into the second most financially challenging time of our year. Summer months always seem to show a slowing down of support. Thank you in advance for your continued partnership with us in lightening this earth with the glory of our heavenly Father.

This week, I am in Wheeling, WV, doing a 17-presentation evangelistic series for the community surrounding the church here. We have folks from the community attending; please pray that they will see God’s love for them through the lens of our distinctive beliefs.

We began last Friday night (July 8th) and will be continuing through to this Saturday night (July 16th). Please keep me and those attending the special series in prayer.

Keep building the kingdom.