Monterey Bay Academy

La Selva Beach, CA

What could be a better boarding academy to go to than one which is on the beach? I truly enjoyed my time here at this school. Each day we tackled today’s generations touch questions regarding, “If God is so good then why . . ?” There are so many ways today’s youth are finishing that question. Those questions have never deserved more careful and well-thought-out answers than they do now. The pat answers don’t and won’t work anymore. Today’s youth don’t want to play religion, they want to experience something real or they’re not interested. That is why I have a passion for them. They have a brutal honesty that far exceeds any transparency I find in any other audience. They are asking the right questions about God and they are open to the answers. The youth at Monterey Bay Academy are no exception.

With each presentation we unraveled a little bit more of the internal quandaries of today’s generations. Frustrations and doubts are mixed with a sincere desire to understand and know. Above all, we all want to know that we are loved. I watched God do what He does best this week, and many lives were changed as a result. Many came forward on that final presentation in response to Calvary with surrender and an openness to allow God to continue showing them who He really is. Praise God!!! (And, I also learned how to surf that week . . .thanks Bryan.) I truly look forward to seeing what God is going to do through the generation we find developing around us today.