May’s Featured Presentation

This month, we would like to feature a presentation that is part of our recently updated Jesus Dialogue series entitled All Things In Common.  The Prophets of the Old Testament did not refer to helping the poor as “Charity,” they called it—“Justice.”  In Jesus’ teachings we are not presented with band-aid solutions that preserve the broken system, but with subversive systemic change.  Gene Robinson is famous for saying, “It is one thing to pull people out of the river, but at some point someone has to walk upstream and find out who is throwing them in.”  Jesus called it “the Kingdom.”  Gandhi called it “an alternative society.”  Martin Luther King, Jr. referred to it as “the beloved community.”  This month it is our hope that this presentation will encourage as well as challenge us as we encounter together what Jesus called “good news to the poor.” (Luke 4.18)

All Things In Common by Herb Montgomery