March’s Featured Presentation

followthelamb WHY REVELATION  by Herb Montgomery


The Revelation is most likely the most abused book in the entire New Testament.  Far from being a book of alarmist predictions, the book envisions a new world, here and now, informed by the values and ethics taught by the itinerant Jewish teacher, Jesus of Nazareth growing like a mustard seed, subversively working its way like a weed through the present order of things.  Even if you’ve had a negative impression of the book of Revelation, we want to offer you this Christo-centric lens enabling you to encounter Revelation as a whole new book!  This is how Revelation’s original audience would have encountered this letter; it is the Hope of the Lamb’s New World rooted in Jesus’ unique portrayal of a radically inclusive “God,” of ourselves, and of everyone else around us. This month, we want to feature the first presentation in this series—Why Revelation by Herb Montgomery.