March’s Featured Presentation

Much of the misunderstanding that we find causing significant damage to people’s picture of God, and thus their relationship with Him as well, revolves around misunderstandings on the subject of God’s forgiveness. When does God forgive? Why do we need to ask God to forgive? If God is so loving, why doesn’t he just forgive and let everyone into Heaven? Did Jesus really need to die for God to forgive? And the list goes on and on. This month we would like to feature a presentation from our Forgive Our Trespasses series entitled Prevenient Forgiveness. And although it may sound a tad bit radical, Herb is asking us to consider what God’s forgiveness looks like when we allow our understanding of it to be defined by that Jewish carpenter found in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John?

This month’s featured Presentation: Prevenient Forgiveness by Herb Montgomery