Local Public Television Interview

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick note, hoping you are checking your email today. I was asked recently if I would be willing to be interviewed on our Local West Virginia Public Television station by one of our Doctors regarding why bad things happen to us in life if God loves us and is such a good being. The interview will not be live, but be filmed today at 2:00 p.m. (Eastern) and be aired at a later date.

I’m sending this email out to simply ask that you will be praying for this event. Please pray for all those who are involved today and for those who will be viewing it at a later date. It’s an emotionally charged subject and the traditional answers just don’t cut it. I’m thankful Jesus gave us a very different way of understanding the subject of suffering, and I’m thankful today, that in the midst of all things, there is a God out there, above it all, who loves each of us unbounded, unqualified, with the reckless self-abandonment we see on the Cross. Please pray that God’s grace will be present as we seek to unravel a very sensitive topic for many, but one that needs to be understood in the context of human freedom, risk, Divine ability versus Divine capability, and above all else, through the lens of Jesus Christ who is Himself the full revelation of God’s radical, self-sacrificial, other-centered love.

Keep living in love, loving like Christ, and building the Kingdom.

Thank you for your prayers today.

I love you guys,