Life Unlimited in Pullman, WA

Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. Life Unlimited is a 10 day/17 presentation series designed for folks in our communities. This series offers practical help in the areas of emotional healing through the truths of the Gospel, better health through our Adventist health message, greater spiritual fulfillment through perceiving God’s character as revealed through a more Biblical understanding of doctrine and prophecy, mental development through learning to study the Bible for yourself, and lastly, financial freedom through learning the basic Biblical financial principles of tithing, budgeting, and debt-free living. Many of our attendees had never encountered Adventism’s unique life-enriching teachings before. Out of all who attended, over forty folks responded positively to the Sabbath, the Final Fate of the Lost, the State of the Dead, and our understanding of prophecy, including the 2300 days, all presented in the light of God’s character of love. Each of these new friends is currently enrolled in weekly Bible studies through the local church.