Life Unlimited in Missouri and This Weekend’s Upcoming Event!

Life Unlimited

Lee’s Summit, Missouri

September 14-22, 2012

Something is wrong. Something is missing. In today’s Western, individualistic culture, many are insanely busy trying to get worth, value, identity, and meaning from their successes, social strata, possessions, sex appeal, and for some, even their religion. But when all the activity ceases, the achievements accomplished, the game completed, the gnawing emptiness returns. Sadly, for many, life is an endless pursuit of always feeling “hungry.” Something is wrong. Something is missing.

You are not alone. Life Unlimited is a truly life-transforming event that gets us back in touch with our original center of worth, value, fulfillment, and meaning. To be clear, this is NOT a RELIGIOUS event. Religion will not fix this. On the contrary, this is an event that takes an intellectually honest look at the teachings of the historical PERSON Jesus Christ and what those teachings might be saying to our post-modern world today.

THIS is the new, updated Life Unlimited series, NOW available online! Jesus came offering life, and life to the fullest. He offered this through a NEW way of “seeing” God. But this life would be counterintuitive to everything we think will truly satisfy and fulfill us. Evangelical Christianity has been taken in by the lure of the American Dream. It might be argued that we are so far off the original path, we don’t even remember what the road actually looks like anymore. Jesus came to establish not a religion, but a Kingdom.

I just finished sharing the new Life Unlimited series in Lee Summit, MO. The event was hosted by the Legacy Park Community Center, which was neutrally located for those who don’t like “church.” Excitement grew each evening as I was privileged to see those from the community getting a glimpse of what the historical person Jesus Christ was really all about. As those who attended began to encounter God in fresh new ways, it was exciting to see them inviting their friends, neighbors, relatives, etc. to come experience it too. The group grew each night till the last evening. I saw those who had been “Christians” for years gain new paradigms for what it means to follow Jesus! I saw those who were encountering the teachings of Jesus for the very first time! When understood and carried out correctly, evangelism is synonymous with making disciples. (See Matthew 28.18-20)

For each of you who were out there praying for this event, thank you. I can say without a doubt that the Kingdom was enlarged this past week in Missouri. I also have some VERY BIG news, as a result of this series, that I can’t say much about yet. We at RHM are making it a matter of serious prayer. (You can be praying for wisdom for us during this time.) And if it becomes clear to us that God is leading, our hope is to make an announcement at the beginning of October through our newsletter, Web site, and emails!

Upcoming Event!

Gentry, AR

September 27-29, 2012

Beginning Thursday night, September 27, I will be speaking at a convention in Gentry, AR. I believe it is open to the public, so if you are in the area, I’d love to have you drop by. I will be sharing on the following topics: new insights into solving the contradiction between a good God and a world racked with so much suffering; new insights into law-driven morality versus Christ-centered living in the New Testament community; and lastly, discussion of the Victory of Christ over The Powers at the cross. Each of these topics will be addressed from the perspective of how they fundamentally revolutionize our internal pictures of God. In each of these we will come face to face, heart to heart, and mind to mind with the radical, other-centered, self-sacrificial love of the Father, as revealed through the life, death, and resurrection of the person Jesus Christ. “If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father, ” Jesus said. And then He looked at those around Him, and didn’t ask whether they wanted to receive Him as their Savior. No, no! He looked at them, having given this radically different revelation of the Father, and simply extended to them the call to “Follow Me.”

Come take part in some “Kingdom” activities this weekend. And if you can’t make it, please partner with me in prayer for those who do.

Wherever this finds you today, go live the life of radical, other-centered, self-sacrificial, Jesus-style love, and go enlarge the Kingdom.

I love you guys.

See you next week.