Life Unlimited in Bakersfield, CA

Pacific Health Center / Bakersfield SDA Church –

Last month, I was privileged to share our Life Unlimited series in Bakersfield, CA. We had over 80 non-Adventists from the community attend, with many of those making decisions for Jesus for the very first time. Over 20 of those made decisions to follow Jesus in relation to the greatest Gospel teaching device ever given to humanity—the Sabbath.

After attending both Sabbath presentations as well as hearing the good news concerning Hell, one dear lady came to me excitedly that evening with tears of joy in her eyes. She said, “Thank you so much for sharing all this with us. I’ve never seen God like this before! My life will never be the same!”

A number of Bible studies were started during this ten day series, with folks from the community surrounding the church. I look forward to watching what God will do in the lives of these dear souls as they come to see God and His love for them, many for the first time. Keep up the good work, Bakersfield!