Life Unlimited at Campion

Loveland, CO

“Why have I never been told what God is truly like?” This was the most frequently asked question during this ten-day series held in Loveland, CO. God blessed this series with so many special opportunities. This series, although hosted by the local Adventist church, was held in the auditorium of Group publishing. Group is a Christian publishing house that makes many of today’s inter-denominational youth ministry resources. Your church might have used their resources last summer for your vacation Bible school program entitled Power Lab, discovering Jesus’ miraculous power.

We had a good turn out and many lives were changed for both time and eternity. Many expressed that they were encountering God and His love for man as they had never experienced before. I still must confess, I have yet to find a system of beliefs that paints a more beautiful picture of our God than ours does. If you have never listened to this series I would also like to strongly encourage you to take advantage of this series as well. You can download the Life Unlimited mp3’s or simply listen online, both absolutely free at:

This series has literally helped thousands see God’s character more clearly. Additionally, it has truly created a powerful paradigm shift in understanding who we are as a people, and the prophetic purpose of our message as the final proclamation of God’s character of love. May God’s love truly enrich every aspect of your life as you experience His love for you as revealed through our teachings anew.