Lakeport SDA Church

Lakeport, CA

Ten days on the water. Sounds like vacation to most, but for RHM, it was another opportunity to reach out to a community around one of our local churches. I received an invitation to come and hold an evangelistic series, but it was made quite clear that this little church was not looking for something traditional. I thought, “No problem! You’ve contacted the right ministry.” Little did I know the blessings that would follow. To date, this is the largest attended series we have held as a ministry. The returns on our marketing and advertising were far above average. It was as if God was moving in this little community, things were ripe, and it was time to do something.

I met many precious people from this little town. One such person was a dear little lady who ran the local public broadcast radio station. We did an hour-long interview on the radio about the series, who and what God really is, and the dynamics of the spiritual journey of discovering God that we are all on, whether we recognize it or not.

Night after night, the attendance grew until that last Saturday morning, when the congregation was more than quadruple its regular attendance. Many encountered God and the love He has for them for the very first time. Others experienced it in a way that they never had before. God’s heart was seen and lives were changed.

Please keep this little church in your prayers as the endeavor to follow up the work that God has begun in this small lakeside community.