Kingsway College Update and Upcoming Events

Kingsway College Update and Upcoming Events

Hello everyone!

I want to give you a couple updates of recent events and let you know about two upcoming events as well.

First, for all of you who were praying for the interview yesterday, I feel really good about the recording and can’t wait for it to begin airing. Thank you so much for your prayers. I experienced a special clarity in my thoughts on the topic, and the words just seemed to flow. It felt very natural for television, and I’m looking forward to the feedback we receive when folks start watching it. Again, this wasn’t religious television per say, but WV Public TV instead. We are very thankful for the opportunity and for each of you who were lifting me up in prayer yesterday during its filming.

Second, let me share with you how our recent trip to Kingsway College went. It was exactly a year ago that I originally was there. Many of the students remembered me, and quite a few of those who had signed out for the weekend actually came to the presentations of their own volition as well. I felt that was a very positive sign of the effect of seeing God for who He really is. Once you taste Him, something inside you resonates and whispers, “This is what I was made for.” It’s more than religion—it’s love.

I received a lot of good feedback from quite a few adults in the area who have been blessed by RHM as well. I have so many stories from the weekend, I can’t possibly share them all. I obtained a great sermon illustration as I crossed the Canadian/U.S. border that I think I’ll use in the upcoming series in Hawaii, contrasting the difference between following the person Jesus rather than the religion of Christianity. Keep an eye out for it. But the experience that touched my heart the most was a “widows mite” story of a ten-year-old little girl, who was so touched by what she was hearing about Jesus that she came up to me afterwards and asked whether she could make a donation. She asked me to hold out my hand, and in my palm, she placed all she had: two nickels, a dime, and 6 or 7 pennies. She looked up at me and said, “I want others to hear about this Jesus.” I was so touched, honestly, to tears. It was the kingdom in action. God’s love, which awakens the desire to live for others rather than ourselves, knows no bounds. It knows no culture, no gender, no race, and absolutely no age. It reaches all.

Thank you for praying for this special weekend with the high school-aged young people of Kingsway College of Oshawa, ON. God showed up and together we were all blessed by the revelation of His love in a fresh and relevant way.

Lastly, I want to share two things with you in an effort to wrap this up. This weekend, I will be in Red Willow, AB (Canada again, eh?). Please keep Friday night and Saturday’s presentations covered in prayer. And if you’re in the area, please stop in—I’d love to see you.

And, beginning soon (October 7), we will be launching a new series entitled The Jesus Dialogue, which comes out of an experience I had with a gentleman on an airplane who shared, “I think there is a God, I know I’m not interested in Christianity, but I’m intrigued by this person named Jesus.” I assured him that this is all it takes, and we began discussing the picture of God we get from Jesus versus today’s modern religions, including Christianity itself. It was enlightening for my friend, and it was revolutionary for me personally. That conversation gave birth to a new series to which we can invite those in our community, in hopes of sharing with others, and seeing more deeply for ourselves, the radical revelation of God’s other centered, self-sacrificial love. In truth, I am becoming more and more convinced that the single greatest question we can ever answer for ourselves is “What is my picture of God?” Everything stems from and depends on the answer.

Please continue lifting this series up in prayer over the next few days, as we are in the final stages of preparation.

My desire, my only desire, for this series in Oahu, is that the folks of Honolulu will simply enter into a deeper encounter with the One who coined Himself as the Way to a right picture of God and His character of love, the Truth about God and His character of love, and life of God lived out of that character of love in human flesh, so we could experience it in its life-transforming power.

Please keep Red Willow this weekend, and the series beginning in Honolulu on October 8 (The Jesus Dialogue) in your prayers.

Thank you in advance.

Keep loving like the sun, loving like the rain (Matthew 5:45) and loving like Jesus. Keep building the Kingdom.

I love you guys.