Kingsway College

Oshawa, ON, Canada

Kingsway College is actually a boarding academy in Oshawa, Ontario. The assistant boys’ dean is a friend I bumped into a few years ago in Northern California while I was conducting a seminar there, and I actually attended high school with him. Talk about a blast from the past!

First let me share how deeply enjoyable the weekend was there in Oshawa. I always love working with high school and college-aged young people because they are asking what I consider to be all the right questions. These are the same questions most un-churched folks are asking—questions that are difficult for most Christians to entertain, but questions we need to address nonetheless. This weekend was full of all of the above. We looked at four topics and had lots of discussion outside of each presentation. The four topics we focused on were: 1) how everything in the spiritual journey centers and depends on our hear- level picture of God and what we see Him to be like; 2) if God is as good as some Christians make Him out to be, then why is this world filled with so much senseless and ultimately needless suffering; 3) the difference between relating to God as an authority under an “imposed” paradigm and relating to God “relationally” through an “intrinsic” paradigm; and lastly 4) we consider who God revealed Himself to be through Calvary, pondering the event as an act of Divine Forgiveness rather than the appeasement of a bloodthirsty God. Calvary’s conciliatory aspects begin to be understood much better when we take to heart that Calvary’s primary purpose was not conciliatory but revelatory. It involved both, but one is founded on the other.

I just received a card the other day from some of the students there, expressing how this weekend made a deep impact on them. One of the deeper thinkers said it answered so many questions their head was asking. Having answered their questions, they felt that their heart was finally free to engage with this God as we portrayed Him to be this weekend. For all of you who support RHM, thank you for enabling us to do what we do. Many of you know how much we love working with our young people and helping them find the answers to the difficult questions they, many times, are asking. Reaching out and ministering our young people, as well as our adult audiences, will continue to be something we here at the ministry are very passionate about.