Jesus For Skeptics

Given 2013 at North Dakota State University

A Brand New Series: Jesus For Skeptics

Jesus For Skeptics is an abbreviated weekend-size version of the ten day The Jesus Dialogue series. Before Constantine, Christians were defined as those who, rather than debating the historicity of the story details of the Jesus story, were endeavoring to live according to the ethical teachings of Jesus in his “sermon on the mount.” Another odd difference is that before Gnosticism, those who followed Jesus were not endeavoring to “make it to heaven” but to bring “heaven to earth” in the hopes that the world could be healed and the Lamb who was slain receive the reward of his sufferings through a restoration of the reign of Christ here. This weekend series AGREES with the concerns many skeptics have today with present Christianity. This series asks the question, “What would following Jesus look like if we were able to get back to the original Jesus revolution before the influences of Gnosticism and Constantine?” This series capitalizes on the ethics of the first-century, Jesus movement as an apologetic appeal to those of us living in the 21st century. Could these original, first-century, ethical teachings still provide hope and healing for our world today? This is not an attempt to make listeners more religious. Far from it. The history of Christianity does not prove that the teachings of Jesus have been tried and found wanting. On the contrary, the history of Christianity reveals that the teachings of Jesus have been found difficult, and left untried.