January’s Featured Presentation: A Jesus-Like Church


It is not by coincidence that there are 52 plus “one-anothers” within the New Testament letters.  The communities of first century Jesus followers were characterized by mutual submission, mutual sharing, mutual love, mutual fellowship, mutual dependence, mutual honor, mutual listening, mutual learning, and mutual dwelling.  Open, mutually participatory, many voices worship gatherings are nothing new.  They have a long history all the way back to Jesus and the apostles.  If you would like to rediscover what these early gatherings looked like as well as gain ideas on how we might recapture that  today, we’d like to offer you this month’s featured presentation—A Jesus-Like Church by Herb Montgomery.

You can either request this presentation as a free CD or you can download the mp3, along with the handout, freely at https://renewedheartministries.com/presentation/A-Jesus-Like-Church

A Jesus-Like Church 
by Herb Montgomery