Iowa/Missouri Camp Meeting

Centralia, MO

Iowa/Missouri and I are beginning to develop some history. I say that jokingly; because, three summers ago, I was invited to speak at their camp meeting. I was scheduled for the early morning meeting each day that week. (Those of you who know me: don’t laugh!) Yes, I’m not a morning person, and the fruit of that was that, on the second morning, I locked my keys in my trunk of my rental car at a gas station on my way to the meeting. Needless to say, I, for the first time in my entire preaching ministry, missed my own presentation. The folks there were so gracious, but it is still a household joke when I show up. If I’m going to camp meeting there, I have come to expect that multiple times I will be jokingly reminded of my early morning faux pas. (I’m not that alert at that hour.)

The following summer, despite the keys incident, I was invited back to be their main evening speaker. Out of all this came the opportunity to have the Review and Herald print Finding the Father. As well being invited back, this year, to try and share what I had being sharing with the adults with the most valuable group we have as a church: the youth and young adults.

We had an amazing time this summer! Paradigm shift after paradigm shift, one picture of God at a time as our young people testified they were seeing God as they never had before. Content is key! When the content we feed our young people is the truth concerning God’s character of love, you’d better fasten your seat belts, because they’ve got the energy to do something with it! Hearts on fire! I watched the Gospel change lives this week both for time and eternity. I’m always humbled by what the Gospel does, for all ages, but especially, our young people. Before the week was over, we were already scheduling next summer as well. I’m already looking forward to 2011.